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Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: The Blending Trick

If you read any beauty blogs or watch beauty YouTube videos, you know that brushes can make a major difference. And while brushes are an absolute must to apply products with, there’s one trick you need to know about them. No matter how much you try to blend, there will …

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Tuesday Tip: Custom Foundation

It’s been ages since there’s been one of these (actually since any blog post) but with tips like these, I need to get better at jotting them down when I get the “aha” moment. Today’s tip isn’t unique but it surprised me with how well it worked. I’ve recently started a …

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Tuesday Tip: Perfect Eyeliner

My Instagram feed features at least one eyeliner meme a day and while they are funny, they are the absolute truth. I’m usually rushing to get my makeup done, but even when I have all the time in the world, getting my eyeliner perfect can be such a chore. But who …

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Tuesday Tip: The Perfect Bath Soak

One of the things I find the most difficult to do is wind down. Between endless to-do lists and constantly being connected, it’s hard to completely switch off. And while hitting the spa for a deep tissue massage can do the trick, when I can’t do that, I go for …

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