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The Ultimate Travel Packing List

I like to think of myself as an organized person but when it comes to the night before I’m supposed to travel, I’m always anxious. And without fail, each time I’m on my way to the airport (usually when I’m just far enough I can’t turn back) I remember something I forgot to pack and wish I had.

And while I believe that as long as you have your phone, passport and a credit card, you’ll be fine – after everything else can be bought! I still think it’s much better when you have all things together and it’s a much more relaxing way to start a trip.

So after many years of trial and error, I finally put together *drumroll* The Ultimate Travel Packing List. I’ve been using a version of this for a few years now. I started by consulting a few apps to see if I could find something that could work for me. I liked dedicated packing apps like PackPoint and TripList but I just don’t see the point of downloading another app just dedicated to packing.

Apart from helping me remember all my items, this list helped me cut my packing time down. I would notice that while the initial packing would take me no more than 30 minutes, I’d still be packing for hours later adding an item each time I remember. With the list, I just pull out everything onto my bed within 15 minutes, and another 10 minutes to pack everything into a suitcase and/or carry-on. Organized and time-saving!

I’ve created my list in a few formats. I primarily use Wunderlist for a consolidated view of my to-dos. Unfortunately they don’t have public lists but email me if you use Wunderlist as well.  I’m also a fan of Evernote, so I’ve created a template in that. And finally, you can also download a PDF or Word copy.

If there’s one thing I’ve realized is that each person has personalized packing needs. So feel free to add/delete items to make your own list – and drop me a comment if I’m missing something essential. I also suggest adding a section to it for seasonal or special occasions, i.e a ski trip or a wedding.

Download The Ultimate Packing List:

What’s your packing strategy?

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