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Chef’s Table at Pizza Express

When you’ve lived in Dubai for 20+ years, dining and entertainment options can get jaded after a while. When’s the last time you tried something new that is (1) fun for everyone, (2) doesn’t cost a bomb, and (3) leaves you well-fed? Well I may have found a venue that checks all three boxes – Pizza Express! I know – who would have thought?!


Luanne invited me to experience the Chef’s Table at the Jazz@Pizza Express branch in JLT. We started out by trying out their new autumn menu:

  • Crab Flatbread: flavorsome but light appetizer to kick off your meal.
  • Spicy Chicken Wings: not your typical chicken wings, these are spicy with Italian seasoning.
  • Superboost Salad: quinoa, chicken, sprouts, seeds – perfect for those watching their diet.
  • Hawaiian Pizza: loved the twist of switching out ham for veal bacon. Perfect with the tangy pineapple.
  • Spaghetti Gamberoni Picante: my favorite dish that I would return for. This prawn & cream sauce spaghetti has a spicy kick!
  • Chocolate Torte Sundae, Passion Fruit Mousse: both dessert options are available in a gluten-free variation!


After stuffing ourselves with food, we proceeded to make some! As part of the experience, each guest gets to make a personalized 10″ pizza. First we got kitted up with our chef’s outfit – paper hat and a much-needed apron (though if you’re like me, your shoes will be covered with pizza flour at the end of the night)! The pizza-making process starts with a mound of dough which you knead and stretch out, after which you personalize with your favorite toppings. And don’t stress out, the Pizza Express experts are always around to lend you a hand.

The pizzas then get put into the oven and while they are baking, you can enjoy the live band – which is worth a visit even if there was no pizza! And for those of you who enjoy a drink, the Movenpick branch is the only Pizza Express branch in Dubai that serves alcoholic beverages. So you can finally enjoy wine and pizza at a great price.


And I’m happy to say that our pizzas were edible and delicious – see above for proof! So if you’re looking for some entertainment ideas for the upcoming long weekend, I suggest you visit Jazz@Pizza Express. The chef’s table will set you back AED 149 per person including 3 house beverages (AED 99 with soft drinks). The Friday brunch is also extremely popular at AED 229 per person. But make sure to book ahead as this place is crowded even on week nights! And if you’re gluten-free, Pizza Express has gluten-free pizza bases available.

What: Chef’s Table, Jazz@Pizza Express
Why: Food and entertainment at a bargain
Where: JLT, Cluster A, Dubai
How much: AED 149 per person
Pros: Music, drinks and learning how to cook
Cons: It gets crowded
Rating: 4.5 stars

Pizza Express
T: +9714 441 6342
E: marketing@pizzaexpressuae.com
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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