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Tuesday Tip: The Blending Trick

If you read any beauty blogs or watch beauty YouTube videos, you know that brushes can make a major difference. And while brushes are an absolute must to apply products with, there’s one trick you need to know about them.


No matter how much you try to blend, there will always be a spot that looks a bit too harsh or uneven. For this reason I always keep a big, clean Duo Fiber brush on hand. A duo fiber brush is also known as a skunk brush and usually consists of a blend of black natural hairs with longer white synthetic hairs. But instead of dipping any product into it, I keep this only for blending. So if I’ve contoured, I use this to blend the edges over, same with blush or highlighter. Even after applying your base, you can do a final once over with a clean brush to take away any excess product that might be hanging around.

The best way analogy for this is the blurring tool in Photoshop. It just melts your makeup together and makes your application look more professional.

If you still don’t have a Duo Fibre brush in your stash, I suggest the MAC 187 or the Sigma F50 brush. And even though you aren’t using these to directly apply product, you better give these a weekly wash at least!

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