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Tuesday Tip: Reviving Dried Mascara

If you’re a beauty addict, one of the worst things that can happen is when a product you love dies an early death. Like when you open a gel liner or mascara and discovered it has dried up just because you didn’t close the cap tight enough.

The good news is there is a simple solution that won’t cost you much to revive all your products. And that’s good old saline solution – i.e. contact lens solution.


I always have a bottle of this stashed away — even though I haven’t worn contact lenses in years. Saline solution consists of a small quantity of salt disolved in sterile water. While you could use distilled water, I like the fact that saline solution comes in sterile packaging and if its safe enough to add to your eyes, adding it to your makeup should be ok too.

For usage, I pop 2-3 drops into my mascara and then gently swirl the brush around. I generally leave it for a day or two to mix in and become a uniform formula. If you’re a fan of the “wet” mascara feel when you first open a new mascara, you’ll love the effect this has. It’s also useful for modifying drier formulas of new products you don’t like.

For gel eyeliners, you’ll need to add singificantly more solution and then use a clean toothpick to mix the solution together. I find this a much cheaper option than Duraline and it’s more likely to be in your house when you need it.

Since this is a “DIY” tip – a couple of reminders:

  • Start with a few drops and see the result. Always easier to add more than figure out how to dry up a product.
  • Check the expiration date of your saline solution.
  • Toss products often. Just because you can revive it, doesn’t mean you should use the same mascara for more than 3 months. Also the formula will get diluted in each refresh so you might be left with a shadow instead of liner at one point.
  • Eye drops can also be used but make sure they are the ones with no medication.

Have you rescued a mascara using this method? Or would you rather toss it right away?

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