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Tuesday Tip: Custom Foundation

It’s been ages since there’s been one of these (actually since any blog post) but with tips like these, I need to get better at jotting them down when I get the “aha” moment.

Today’s tip isn’t unique but it surprised me with how well it worked. I’ve recently started a new job, which has me running into meetings almost everyday. Since it’s a formal, corporate environment – I’m usually wearing a suit and with that comes a full-face of makeup. After sticking to a makeup-free routine for the past few years, my skin was obviously not happy with the usage of foundation daily.

So I went back to my trusty Nars Sheer Glow foundation, which is one of the lighter formulas in my foundation wardrobe. However, with my skin going through a dry spell, I needed something more hydrating. Since I like using a facial oil instead of moisturizer on makeup-free days, I decided to test that with my foundation. I took one pump of Nars Sheer Glow and added a single drop of the Sunday Riley Juno Oil. I mixed it up with a flat foundation brush and then spread it on my face. To blend, I took my Marc Jacobs foundation brush – dampened with the Evian water spray – and buffed the foundation-oil mixture into my face.

Custom Foundation-2

And was I impressed. My face looked super “natural” and I couldn’t even tell I had any foundation on. It looked dewy with none of the powdery effect foundation on its own leaves. Now since it’s an oil mixture, it wore off towards the end of the day. So on long days, I spray with a few pumps of Urban Decay All-Night Spray – not recommended but this makes the base last through a Flywheel class!

Now this isn’t a new concept. There are a few brand who have oil/serum foundations. I’ve heard good things about Bobbi Brown’s serum foundation, as their skincare tends to be top notch. And one of my favorite products is the Josie Argan Tinted Moisturizer (might be discontinued) which is a 50% blend of foundation and argan oil and my favorite formula for colder climates. If you have a drier skin type I’d highly recommend checking these out.

Or do what I did and blend together your custom blend! You can customize it based on your skin and weather conditions without having to invest in a new formula. If it doesn’t work out the first time, try again as certain formulas mix together better than others.

So what’s your favorite DIY makeup trick?

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