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Gadget Review: Huawei Honor 6 Plus

Considering how much of a technophile I am, it’s a bit surprising I don’t do more tech blogs here. But it’s something I hope to correct going forward!

So a little background on me, I’m very much an Apple fangirl. I can’t live without my MacBook Air, my iPad has become my new DVD player, and I’ve been a proud iPhone user since 2009. Actually, I was an iPhone user until I switched to Android late last year. I didn’t spontaneously give up my allegiance to Apple, but it just so happened that my day job was to release an Android app and the only way I was going to get an in-depth understanding of the Android ecosystem was to marry myself to it, i.e. reset my iPhone and give it to Dad.

My first foray into Android was the HTC One M8. While I loved some of the features (screen size, camera, integrated Google experience), I wasn’t completely sold. Things got a little better when I rooted my phone and installed Android L stock thereby removing any of the HTC bloatware. I liked my HTC One but would I stay married to it? Probably not. But recently I’ve found a device that makes me think perhaps I could be an Android user in the long-term and that’s thanks to the Honor 6+.

What the brand says: Honor is a smartphone e-brand. It is a brand for the mobile internet and has been designed to be responsive to audience needs. It will grow and develop in partnership with its users. The underlying philosophy of the brand highlights the courage, the passion and vibrancy of our audiences. The courage to aspire to be different, the passion to pursue the aspirations and the vibrancy exhibited in the raring to go attitude. It is a brand “For the Brave”..

Honor is an e-commerce only brand owned by Huawei. Considering it’s only a year old, it’s done very well with over 20 million units sold and sales of over 2.4 billion dollars! In each market the Honor 6+ has launched, it’s sold out very quickly. So what makes it such an excellent phone? I’ve been using the phone religiously for the past three weeks. Here are the things that have stuck out for me.

Honor 6 Launch - Ronaldo Mouchawar - Souq.com

The Looks
I don’t normally get stopped and asked about my cell phone but the Honor 6+ has caught a lot of eyes. My colleague confused it with the iPhone 6+ thanks to its gold, sleek exterior. And multiple friends have picked it up being impressed by its clean, solid build that looks and feels very luxurious. Plus, the screen is easily the best I’ve seen. I loved the HTC One M8 but it now feels ancient and even dwarfs the Nexus 6 when it comes to resolution and contrast.

The Camera
If I had to dumb down the Honor 6+ into three words, it would be “Best Selfie Phone”. I’m not *that* obsessive when it comes to taking selfies but being a 20-something girl with a lot of girlfriends, we tend to take a lot of photos. Now that I have the Honor 6+, my friends always want to take selfies with it thanks to its auto-beauty mode which smooths over any imperfections. It also features a dual rear camera meaning that light is captured more accurately and you don’t have to deal with blurry pictures. I’m an impatient and slightly incompetent photographer, but it’s helped me take some gorgeous photos.

Honor 6 Launch

The Experience
The one thing that makes me like the Honor 6+ over its competitors is, counterintuitively, the “un-Android-like” interface. Unlike most device manufacturers, Honor didn’t feel the need to stuff custom apps or UIs and it feels like the closest thing to Android stock. I normally go on an uninstalling spree and haven’t done any of that either in the three weeks of using it. It also has a seriously impressive battery. Even under heavy usage, I can get away with NOT charging my phone at night. It’s possibly the only smartphone that clocks in with 36 hours of battery life under full use.

That being said, nothing is perfect and the Honor 6+ has some minor niggles. Snapchat videos tend to render incorrectly for your friends and I couldn’t believe there are no emojis included with the OS. But I’m sure these will be fixed with future updates as the company and its devices matures.

I don’t like making sweeping statements – especially with technology improving so fast – but I really do think the Honor 6+ is the best phone to the buy in the market currently. And I think a big reason for this is price. I’m not a tech expert so for detailed hardware and performance comparisons, please visit other tech blogs. But I am a power users and someone who tends to help my “average user” friends with their tech issues. In my opinion, for the majority of users, the Honor 6+ provides an excellent experience at AED 1399 and there aren’t many devices that can compete with that.


Now you’re probably wondering how does Honor manage to produce a phone that competes (and potentially outperforms) with phones that cost AED 2500+? Well, that’s thanks to its e-commerce only approach. That means that the Honor 6+ is NOT available in any of the stores in the malls. In the Middle East, it is exclusively available on Souq.com, which is the official sales partner for Honor in the Middle East. And in the few weeks it has been available in the market, it’s already sold out during pre-orders. So if you’re looking to book your device, run – don’t walk!

Why: The best Android smartphone under AED 2000
How much: AED 1399
Pros: Luxurious device, economical price
Cons: Available online only, Android 4.4 OS
Rating: 4.5 stars

Disclaimer: This review contains a product/service that was provided for consideration by the brand or its PR firm.

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