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Cyber Monday: You Got a Gift


If you’re friends with me in real life, you know one thing about me – I love spoiling my friends! And yes, this might seem like a not-so #humblebrag, but a small little gift can turn a crappy day into a happy one.  Since I moved back to Dubai, I use Facebook’s gifts platform to send gift cards to my college mates back in the US. Even if I have procrastinated and it’s the day after their birthday, I can easily send a gift card for Starbucks or Bath & Body Works in a snap. Yet for my friends living in Dubai, I had no gifting options. I would have to drive over to the mall, buy something which they may or may not like, then drive to Aramex and have it delivered to them or drive over to their house and drop it off. As a result, I usually stick to flowers as an option. But that all changed after hearing about YouGotaGift.com.


YouGotaGift.com is an online mall for gift cards in the Middle East. If you’re based in the UAE, you can give a gift card of any value from 55+ of the UAE’s top stores. The range of stores and services means that you can find a gift for anyone – girlfriend, boyfriend, work colleague or family members, while ensuring they get something they really want. Some of my suggestions are:

  • For girlie girls (i.e. me!), try Galleries Lafayette, JetSet, or SensAsia Urban Spa
  • For the guys, try Virgin Megastore, 1847 or Go Sport
  • For a work acquaintance or colleague, try Jashanmal Bookstores, the Nail Spa or Vox Cinemas

And if you’re really confused, you can even get a “mall-level” YouGotaGift.com card that allows you to redeem them across any of the 55 stores in their network.

I’ve used YouGotaGift.com several times as a gift giving service but hadn’t been on the receiving yet of it yet. So the lovely folks at YouGotaGift.com gave me an AED 250 voucher to use it Faces. Activating the card was a cinch and I got an email voucher with a paper attachment. I printed the voucher and headed off to Faces Ibn Battuta Mall during my lunch break. The purchase process was pretty easy but I have to admit the store clerk needed 10 minutes to get the necessary approval from the store manager to process the order. If your order exceeds the value (like mine did), you can pay the balance separately.


As a gift-giver, I absolutely LOVE YouGotaGift.com’s system. It takes about 5 minutes to design and personalize your card and you can schedule gifts in advance. You have options of email, SMS or Facebook to delivery the gift or can even print the card out and deliver it yourself. When the gift is sent, you receive an email notification. Your recipient can also send a thank you note from the YouGotaGift.com system. And my favorite feature? You get an email notification once the recipient has redeemed their gift. One of my friends ended up using his gift within 5 days, while a wedding gift got redeemed 8 months later. By default, all gift cards you send get a one year validity. My only complaint is that if you’re sending multiple gifts, you’ll need to make multiple purchases instead of processing it in one payment.


While doing research for this post, I discovered some other features I didn’t know about:

  • Money Wedding Registry – have your friends pull cash together and then get a Visa Prepaid Credit Card to use worldwide
  • Group Gifting – pool money together as a group gift
  • Corporate Gifting – use the service to give your employees farewell/performance reward gifts

So there you go – no more excuses if you forgot someone’s birthday – YouGotaGift.com is here! I’m sure this will relieve the stress from anxious boyfriends/brothers who can never figure out gifts. And just in case you need a hint, my birthday is on July 21st. And thanks to the YouGotaGift.com team, if you use this link, you’ll get an AED 30 discount on your next gift card purchase. This promotion is valid until May 26th.

Happy Gifting!

Disclaimer: This review contains a product/service that was provided for consideration by the brand or its PR firm.

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