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Happy International Women’s Day

Life’s back to moving at breakneck speed but Bourjois sent me a note
to remind me that March 8th is International Women’s Day. So why not take a few minutes to celebrate 3 reasons it’s great being a woman:

Reason #1

Slapping on bright red lipstick, towering heels, or bling accessories when you’re in a rut. The men have to stick to their boring browns and blacks with the occasional blue suit!

Reason #2

Security check or extra long queue? It’s usually much easier to be cut some slack if you’re the fairer sex, especially in the Middle East.

Reason #3

Sad movie or celebrating a special occasion, it’s always more acceptable for women to show emotion and wear our hearts on our sleeves.

P.S. Thinking of picking up a Bourjois product? I’m a fan of their Magic Nail Polish Remover – great to store in the office desk in case of a chipped nail emergency!

Bourjois International Women's Day

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