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Review: January GlamBox Unboxed

As much as I love Dubai, it sometimes takes a lot of time for popular concepts to reach the Middle Eastern market; recent examples include Sephora and Bubble Tea.  Now one of the hottest concepts in the US has finally reached Dubai: GlamBox!

In simple terms, GlamBox is like a super-sized magazine subscription. Each month you receive a GlamBox with an array of beauty samples. Try them, use them, love them – all for a minimal cost.  I love this concept as I not only get to try out several new products every month, but also spend a fraction on what you would for full-sized products.

You can also share your opinions with fellow Glamistas by reviewing the product samples. Sharing your opinions allows you to earn GlamPoints that you can spend with GlamBox for full-sized products.

The January GlamBox included 4 samples plus a bonus:

  • Ceramide Ultra Lipstick in Peony by Elizabeth Arden
    0.12 full-sized retails for US$ 22.50
  • Crème do Corps body moisturizer by Kiehl’s
    30 ml deluxe sample
  • Visionnaire skin corrector by Lancome
    7 ml sample
  • Mon Parfum fragrance by M. Micallef
    Travel sample
  • Bonus: All Gone Makeup Remover by Elizabeth Arden
    30 ml deluxe sample

As you can see, the one lipstick more than covers the cost of a single box, which you can purchase for AED 50.

I haven’t had a chance to fully test out the January samples, but I love the packaging of GlamBox so far. Everything feels ultra-luxe and it’s nice to get a package of girlie things delivered to you every month. Check us out later this week to catch our very first GlamBox Unboxing video!

I can’t wait to see what February’s box brings. February boxes are currently sold out but you can sign up for the March box on GlamBox.me today!

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