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15 Must Have Shoes

The average woman has 19 pairs of shoes in her closet at any given time and during her lifetime, she’ll own up to 469 pairs of shoes! However, she only wears 4 pairs regularly.

Even with a closet full of shoes, I always feel like I could use with a few more pairs. But honestly speaking I only use about 3-4 pairs most of the time. Now in an effort to edit and get my shoe addiction under control, I’ve researched the 15 must-have shoes for every woman’s closet.

1. Black Pumps

No surprise but every woman needs a pair of black pumps. Perfect for work or play, choose a heel that you are comfortable with.


2 and 3. Metallic Sandals: Gold and Silver

Every killer dress, needs a pair of killer heels. Make life simple and get 2 pairs; one in gold and silver so you can match all your accessories. If you are on the taller side, sparkly t-strapped flats are great alternative.


4. White Wedges

Even the casual outfits need a pair of killer shoes. BUt to avoid sinking into the sand or grass, wedges are the perfect choice.


5. Nude Peep Toes with Bright Toes

A must have if you are partial to short skirts or dresses as nude shoes elongate the stubbiest of legs. Grab a pair of nude peep toes and pair them with a bright coat of polish.


6, 7 and 8. Ballet Flats: Stylish black, bright and printed flats

This might be overkill on my side but as a tall girl I can’t do without flats. While you can never have too many, each closet needs a pair of black, bright hued and printed flat.


9. Athletic Shoes

It’s always fashionable to be healthy and you can’t do that without adequate foot protection. I’m partial to my Nikes but I’m awfully tempted to test out the barefoot shoes soon.

10. Pretty Sneakers

Barbeques or touristing, your feet will thank you for choosing sneakers over flats. That doesn’t mean they need to be ugly. Choose from trendy Converse or upscale Coach.


11. Black Leather Boots

Great with leggings, skirts, jeans and they keep your feet warm and dry. Do yourself a favor, invest in high quality leather and go for flats instead of heels to save your feet from pain.

12. Suede Bootiees

A great backup to the pump, they add glamour and inches to any outfit. Just make sure to scotch guard them and avoid water!


13. Flat Sandals

Running errands doesn’t mean your feet have to look drab. After all, you need some sandals to show off those cute pedicures. Thongs, gladiators, or metallics, choose your vice.


14 and 15. Shoes that feed your Soul

That’s right, I encourage not just 1 but 2 frivoulous buys. Yes 2 pairs of shoes that are so pretty that they make your eyes, wallet and feet hurt. My kryptonite is leopard printed heels and that legendary pair of Manolos/Louboutins which will officially mark the completion of my closet. Let’s hope that is this year.


So  what do you think? Can you survive with 15 pairs of shoes? Need more or less? And what are your favorites? Discuss!

P.S. A couple of Dollz Tips below:

  • If you find that cute pair of heels that are comfortable, stock up in a few different colors. It doesn’t hurt to double up on staple colors like black or nude.
  • Never wear the same pair of shoes 2 days in a row. Alternating shoes keeps them going longer. This is especially true of running shoes.

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