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#TBT: Shopping Wishlists

I was doing a bit of digital decluttering and found an old note I had written up way back in 2009 entitled “1st Job Purchases”. If memory serves me correctly, I had written this during the summer after I had graduated from college and before I had my first full-time job. On …

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Building your Jewelry Collection

This morning I flew into Mumbai for a quick weekend trip to shop with my parents who are in town. While Mumbai might officially be my home town, I’m pretty much a tourist here. However, there’s one thing I love coming to Mumbai for and that’s jewelry shopping. Thanks to …

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The Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

Christmas is just three weeks away and while I don’t really celebrate Christmas and in the gift-giving that surrounds it, I consider myself a really good gifter – at least in my perspective. I might not be very good at sticking to budgets or being on time, but my process seems to …

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Let’s Discuss: It’s Your Fault

I am Indian but these days it’s very hard for me to say I’m proud to be Indian. In recent times, our capital Delhi has become known worldwide as a rape capital, where women of all ages and castes have become easy targets for brutal assaults and rapes. By the …

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Gift Guide: Mother’s Day at Swarovski

For some mums, Lush has a great selection of gifts for Mother’s Day. But there are other mums who enjoy the finer things in life, or who you need to be extra nice to due to some recent dalliances. In that case, why not head over to Swarovski for some …

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