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TGIT: Avengers: Age of Ultron

Happy Thursday! It’s the last day of April which means summer is officially here, which includes the summer blockbuster movie season. And the first mega movie of the year is Avengers: Age of Ultron. Thanks to the folks at Subway Arabia, I got a chance to attend the Middle East …

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Movie Review: PK (Peekay)

It’s amazing what happens when you have zero expectations. It feels like I’ve been out of the loop and the release of Aamir Khan-Rajkumar Hirani’s PK crept up on me. I wasn’t actually planning on watching the movie but when my Dad suggested we watch it, I couldn’t say no. …

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Movie Review: Bang Bang


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that this weekend is Bang Bang weekend; in other words, the release of the Hrithik Roshan-Katrina Kaif official Bollywood remake of Knight and Day. After several mega-disappointments, I had taken a little hiatus from Hindi films but I was excited for catching …

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Coming Soon: Bang Bang + 4 Reasons to Watch

I haven’t been this excited about a Bollywood movie in a longtime but Bang Bang is something I have on my calendar already. And in case you needed any coaxing, here are 4 reasons this is a must-watch. The Hrithik-Katrina’s pairing – some people might ‘ship’ SRK-Kajol but I think …

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