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TGIT: Mindy Kaling & The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project

TGIT usually features shirtless men who make us drool but this week I’m going to feature a women who inspires and entertains me  – Mindy Kaling! While I never  got into The Office, I’m a big fan of The Mindy Project. The show is based in New York City and follows Dr. Mindy Lahiri and her medical practice as she stumbles her way through the dating world while keeping us laughing. My friends have nicknamed me “Mindy” and I can’t help but confess that I’ve definitesly said a few of the lines Mindy says in the show in my life. If they ever attempt to cancel this show, I will have to  stage some type of public protest!

If you aren’t watching the show, you absolutely MUST make some time for it this weekend. And in the meanwhile, catch up with Mindy Kaling on the Jimmy Kimmel where she gives the most honest perspective on body image and being a celebrity. Move over Kim Kardashian, I want Mindy Kaling on the next cover of Vogue!

Thank god its Thursday A.K.A. TGIT – that means the weekend is just around the corner! And we bring you a little sugar or spice to kickstart that weekend!

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