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5 Beauty Resolutions to Make for 2014

Thinking back on 2013, I think this is a year I started behaving more like an “adult” when it comes to my beauty routine. I left the awkward phase of my college routine, to having a system which works with a busy job and social life. So in case you need some inspiration of what beauty resolutions to make this year, here are my top 5:

  1. Find professionals you trust. By that I mean a regular waxer and a hairdresser. Knowing who you can count on (and who can fit you into a busy diary) is useful for those last-minute events. And you’ll never leave a haircut in tears!
    Dollz Recommends: For waxing: Ruheena at the Hilton JBR salon. For haircuts: Anthony at Pastels, Ritz JBR. For blow dries: Anyone at Jet Set, Grovesnor House.
  2. Figure out how to do your brows. Ignoring my brows for 20 years was the biggest beauty mistake I did and not enhancing them was another one. In 2014, I discovered the importance of using an eyebrow pencil or a brow mascara and it makes a world of a difference.
    Dollz Recommends: For at-home grooming: Tweezerman tweezers + Benefit’s Instant Brow Pencil and Gimme Brow. For salon grooming: visit a Benefit Brow Bar (Sephora Dubai Mall or Citywalk).
  3. Being able to do your own hair for a date night or big meeting. We’re spoiled in Dubai with inexpensive salons at each corner that if you don’t want to blow dry (or even wash) your hair. But if you have a sudden emergency or are travelling, knowing how to style your hair is a godsend. I’ve gotten to a point that I rarely visit the salon before big events since my flat-iron skills have massively improved.
    Dollz Recommends: Invest in a GHD hair iron – makes hair styling a cinch for all hair types.
  4. Have a signature day and night make up look. One of the mistakes I used to make before was trying a new look for any big event. Since I hadn’t practiced it several times, I’d be unhappy with the end result and wish I had gone for something simple. For any big event (think interview or first date), it’s always best to stick to something you know and love for an added layer of confidence. And leave something experimental for a girls night out with your BFFs.
    Dollz Recommends: Find your signature red lip and master the art of liquid liner – I’m obsessed with Marc Jacobs’ eyeliner at the moment.
  5. Develop a skincare routine and NEVER go to bed with makeup on. This year I discovered that with regular cleansing and applying serum and eye creams, you can really cut down on the amount of makeup you need the next day. Go crazy with the mascara and the lipsticks, but your skin should shine naturally – not with several layers of foundation caked on.
    Dollz Recommends: A serum with Hyaluronic acid and wet wipes by your bedside!

And because I always believe there’s room for personal growth, my personal beauty resolutions for 2014 are:

  1. Rock a bare face. I’ve been working on my skincare routine and my goal is to live without foundation and even tinted moisturizer during the week and leave the coverage for special occasions.
  2. Learn how to give myself sexy curls. I can easily flat-iron my hair but I love the bounce of a good blow dry. Curling irons frustrate me but I’m promising to figure them out or an alternative this year.
  3. Moisturize my body regularly. I’m diligent with my face but I HATE moisturizing. I’ve recently discovered a lovely moisturizer from Jergens so time to be regular with my arms and legs too!
  4. Never leave the house with chipped nails. I love my polishes but sometimes I let my chipped nails go on for too long. I see women around me who never have a chipped nail and I’m aiming for that type of perfection in my life.
  5. Befriend and listen to the dermatologist. I finally got a dermatologist last year after I got a nasty infection on my chest. This year, I’m going to be using her to cure the nagging issues that haven’t disappeared on their own. After all, the doctor knows best!

Did you make any beauty resolutions this year? Share them below!

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  1. Do you recommend a dermatologist here in Dubai? My resolution is the same as your first, to rock a bare face! Would love a recommendation.