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Tried & Tested: Russo’s Pizzeria

There are three easy cures to a bad day at work or a breakup: chocolate, burgers or a pizza. Chocolate is easy to do – grab a jar of Nutella, a spoon and you’re ready to go. I’ve found two burger places in Dubai that are gluten-allergy friendly – Burger 360 and Elevation Burger. But for a pizza I remained disppointed. While my ex-favorite NKD does gluten-free, the after-taste of the base  is bad enough to make me say no to pizza forever. However thank goodness I discovered Russo’s New York Pizzeria!

Russo's pizzeria - Gluten-free

Russo’s is a franchise of a popular US pizzeria. And while I’ve never come across Russos while in the US, I saw this blog post about how they do a mean gluten-free pizza and decided I needed to head over.

The restaurant is awkwardly situated in the middle of one of Jumeirah 1’s sleepy malls.  The glass windows make it seems that you’re on display while you eat but that’s where all the complaints end.  The first time I visited, there was a 30 minute wait to get seated but once we sat down, the service is fast and quick.

The pizzas come in a variety of differnt ranges, from basic margherita to italian works to vegetarian. Apart from that, their menu consists of several appetizers and pasta options. Though from the few times I’ve been there, the only option I’ve tried is their gluten-free pizza.

Russo's Gluten Free Pizza - Vegetarian
Russo’s Gluten Free Pizza – Vegetarian

For those of you who love the typical Chicago deep dish, you’ll be disappointed at Russo’s as theirs is a typical thin crust pizza. I’m normally not a fan of the thin crust, but this is the right blend of crisp and juicy with each slice covered with fresh toppings. For the non-gluten-free eaters, the pizzas come in a special XL 28″ pizza which you can split into a range of different toppings.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly pizzeria, even if there are no dietary restrictions, Russo’s is worth a visit. The quality of food and service definitely won’t disappoint!

Russo's Gluten Free Pizza - Classic Margherita with Pepperoni
Russo’s Gluten Free Pizza – Classic Margherita with Pepperoni

What: Russo’s New York Pizzeria
Why: Delicious burgers with a view
Where: Jumeirah Centre, 1st Floor, Beach Road
How much: AED 150 for 2 persons (no alcohol)
Pros: Serves the best gluten-free pizza in Dubai
Cons: Mid-mall location takes away from the ambience
Rating: 4.5 stars

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