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Review: September GlamBox Unboxed

I’ve written about GlamBox earlier, but those of you who need a refresher, GlamBox is a beauty subscription service. Each month you get a gorgeous pink box with 5-6 beauty samples from leading and upcoming brands. In certain boxes, there are invitations to in-store events or spa therapies. Furthermore, you can buy many of the products from their website and earn points/freebies on surveys of the products you get.


The beauty box concept is popular in the US and Europe with GlamBox being the first similar concept in Dubai when it first launched in January 2012. For my male friends in the US, I always order a subscription to Birchbox Man and they always drop me hints to extend their subscriptions!

As a beauty blogger, GlamBox is a great way for me to try out new products without having to indulge in a full-sized product that you may or may not like. But my favorite part of GlamBox are the miniatures – these end up being lifesavers when I’m traveling! Not only they take up less space and leave room for more shopping, but also are less likely to leak and I can toss them out at the end of the trip. During my short trip to Paris this summer, I only packed GlamBox minatures and my skin and hair were still in top condition!

And of course, it’s exciting to open up the GlamBox each month and see what awaits you. It’s like a regular surprise gift. Correction, suprise gifts! So without further adieu, let’s see what the September GlamBox contains:

  • Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Scrub (150 mL) – I’ve tried many Neutrogena products with the Deep Clean range being a favorite but haven’t tried out this one. And its a full-sized product as well!
  • Two Dove Hair therapy products – Hair Fall Intensive Roots Treatment (7 mL x 7) and Oil Replacement (30 mL) – Considering Dubai’s harsh water, I’m excited to see how the root treatment works out. And the individual ampules will make it easy to test.
  • Thierry Mugler Angel Perfume  (5 mL) – Not a scent I would have normal bought but smells divine!
  • Nuxe Micellar Cleansing Water with Rose Petals (35 mL) – The sample I was most excited for – I love Nuxe and this has been on my shopping list for some time!
  • Bonus: 60 minute Spa Pass to SpaCordon DIFC

With a subscription, you are paying AED 70-80 per box and if you add up the value of the items in the box, you are getting much more than if you had purchased individually. In that way, GlamBox gives great value for money.

A criticism of Glambox is if you’re a long-time subscriber, the products and brands can get quite repettive. However recently, they’ve been stepping up their game with brand exclusive boxes by leading brands such as Philosophy and Benefit. Another pain point is the bonus vouchers which aren’t always something I’d use. And while the summary card is nice, they often contain typos or inaccuracies (this month’s perfume description is describing a facial cream!), especially in pricing.

Nonetheless, if you’re a beauty addict and looking to test out new things, GlamBox.me is a great concept!

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