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Let’s Discuss: It’s Your Fault

I am Indian but these days it’s very hard for me to say I’m proud to be Indian. In recent times, our capital Delhi has become known worldwide as a rape capital, where women of all ages and castes have become easy targets for brutal assaults and rapes. By the time you’ve finished reading this post, another woman will have reported a rape in India and countless cases would have gone unreported.

While these incidents get splashed around in the news, you hear of politicians, police officials and the general public blaming the victims for dressing too provocatively, being out late alone or hanging out with men.

For a westerner, you may laugh at these points but I’ve gotten similar comments from my extended family so it’s not suprising to hear this is the mentality of the Indian public. Unfortunately, the Indian society fails to look at solving the problem and instead points the finger at women.

Nonetheless, some women (and men) are doing their best to raise awareness and recently actress Kalki Koechlin and VJ Juhi Pandey star in a satirical video called “It’s Your Fault”. The video has already gone viral and  will hopefully do its bit in causing people’s mentality to change.

And if that doesn’t, maybe Indians should stop portraying women as powerful goddesses and stick to the facts and depict them as abused goddesses as this campaign does so well.

abused goddesses

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