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TGIT: Henry Cavill AKA the Man of Steel

Thank god its Thursday A.K.A. TGIT – that means the weekend is just around the corner! And we bring you a little sugar or spice to kickstart that weekend!

Well this is surprising fact for the TGIT series – we’ve never featured a non-Bollywood hunk in this section. However, we are rectifying this situation by featuring the latest incarnation of Superman – Henry Cavill, who covers this month’s Interview magazine with Lois Lane, AKA Amy Adams.


I’m an EOS (equal opportunity swooner) when it comes to Bollywood and Hollywood guys but those who know me can confirm my weakness for blue eyes and blond hair. And while Cavill may ony fit one of those criteria, he more than makes up for it with his perfect smile and chiseled features.

If the positive reviews Christopher Nolan’s Zach Snyder directed Man of Steel weren’t enough to get you to the cinema, I guarantee Cavill’s evolution from confused boy to sexy Superman are more than enough (especially on a super-sized IMAX screen). While the movie was a little longer than I’d like, it reminds me of Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy in many ways and I can’t wait to see the next installment.

And on a side note, I appreciate that Cavill has taken on a more “realistic”  approach to manscaping unlike other superheroes. Did you notice this?

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