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Double Review: Bliss Triple Oxygen Mask & Bliss That’s Incredi-‘peel’!

Yesterday was the official start of summer with thee equinox but if you’re in Dubai, the summer heat has been in full-swing for a few weeks now. If you’re similar to me, your skin suffers more in the summer than usual.  Sometimes when your skin is in really poor shape, the best thing to do is to head to the spa. But what if you could get results similar to the spa without having to step out into the heat? Well you can do exactly that thanks to spa quality products from Bliss!

I first mentioned Bliss when they opened up their first kiosk and express spa in Debenhams, Mall of the Emirates.  A few weeks back, I attended a special bloggers event at the Spanish restaurant, Seville’s in Wafi, where the brand held an event for their sister brand, Elemis. While I’m relatively new to Elemis (and still testing out the goodie bag), I thought this would be a good time to share two of my favorite Bliss products.

First up it’s the Bliss That’s Incredi-‘peel’! Glycolic Resurfacing Pads. Glycolic acid is a super ingredient that is often seen in skincare and bodycare products that break down dead skin. The Bliss pads come in individual sachets so you can be assured that they will never dry out and are ready to go when you need them. What I love about these are that they don’t skimp out on the formula so the pads are fully saturated and you can easily use one for your entire face and neck.


As far as the application goes, the best time to use this is in the evening after you’ve cleansed your face. Take a pad and wipe your skin in circular motions thereby concentrating and spreading the product and don’t forget to apply on your neck. In a few hours you’ll be able to see that the complexion of your skin is improved and there are fewer bumps. Use this regularly and you are bound to see more glowing and smooth skin which is tighter and has fewer wrinkles. The effects go beyond what a typical face mask can do. My one word of caution is to avoid direct sunlight or a beach session the next day as your skin is bound to be more sensitive.

Bliss That’s Incredi-Peel! pads are a great to stash into your vanity and even your travel bag while on holiday for an instantaneous spa visit!

What: Bliss That’s Incredi-Peel Glycolic Resurfacing Pads
Why: 5-minute self at home treatment
Where: Debenhams, Mall of Emirates
How much: AED 225 for 30 pads
Pros: Instantaneous smoothing effect on your complexion
Cons: Might be too strong for those with sensitive skin
Rating: 4.5 stars

Next up is the Bliss Triple Oxygen™ Instant Energizing Mask which came in my goodie bag from the Elemis event. Now this is the first time I’ve been truly blown away by how a product works, so let me start by explaining that.

The mask comes in a pump form and when you dispense it on your hands it’s an orange gel consistency. You then massage this onto damp skin and the product will froth into a foam. The product kept foaming and even after I stopped massaging, I could still feel the foam growing and tingling on my skin, as if each bubble was adding a burst of oxygen to my pores! After a few minutes, you can rise off the mask and the effects are discernible – a brighter complexion that is also smoother.


At-home masks generally don’t have the effects of spa masks but the Bliss Oxygen Mask is unique with your skin feeling the effects immediately. If you never seem to have time for a pampering session, this product is great as it only needs 5 minutes to do its job. It’s definitely one I’ll be stashing in my shower for a quick pick-me-up in the mornings. An added benefit would be I’ll need one less cup of coffee thanks to the fresh burst of oxygen in my pores!

What: Bliss Triple Oxygen™ Instant Energizing Mask
Why: 5-minute mask that can be applied in the shower
Where: Debenhams, Mall of Emirates
How much: AED 249 for 100 mL
Pros: Instant burst of freshness for your skin
Cons: Product application takes some time to get used to
Rating: 4 stars

If you’re looking for 2 great products to give you the home spa feel in less than 10 minutes, make sure to check out these fabulous products from Bliss!

Disclaimer: This review contains a product/service that was provided for consideration by the brand or its PR firm.

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