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TGIT: baby&me with Evian

Thank god its Thursday A.K.A. TGIT – that means the weekend is just around the corner! And we bring you a little sugar or spice to kickstart that weekend!

There are certain brands you remain loyal to and form a solid connection with. One of those brands for me is Evian.  I can’t explain what exactly it is, but something about the brand seems comfortable and familiar. And the brand itself has been very supportive of this blog through the Snap & Dine campaign, as well as the DVF Valentine’s Day giveaway.

The Evian marketing team is especially brilliant with the use of babies throughout their Live Young campaign. Years ago, they created the first “viral” roller babies video and I think the latest video, baby&me, is going to surpass its popularity.

Hope that brought a smile to your face and I’m sure you’ll smile again next time you see an Evian bottle. Happy weekend!

Evian Designer Bottles DVF

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