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Preview: Samsung Galaxy S4

Fact: I’m a major Apple fan. My iPhone is glued to me almost 24/7, and while I don’t hate BlackBerry yet it remains my secondary/work phone, there is no way I’d be able to give up my iPhone. Or could I?

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A few weeks ago I headed over to the sneak preview of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in Dubai, which is being touted as the best Android phone on the market (and declared so by Mashable). The techie and gadget addict in me was curious and who doesn’t like getting the early scoop?  Here are the highlights of the event courtesy my Twitter account (follow me @dollz87) and my unfiltered Tweet-thoughts:

I knew Android phones had progressed but during the launch I was blown away by how much they had progressed. The screen size, features, finishing, integrations, etc made my iPhone look archaic. Granted you might not use all these bells and whistles but they would be nice to have. In a simpler analogy, I felt I was using a basic Toyota Yaris while everyone around me had Bimmers! Since the event, I’ve been paying more attention to fellow colleagues’ Android phone and gushing over their screen sizes.

And while Samsung has done a phenomenal job with this piece of tech, the Android OS still turns me away. Fact is all the major apps (Instagram, Wally) are iOS first and then Android. And for someone who’s been an iPhone user for close to 4 years, I’m deeply invested in the ecosystem and the apps. A few months ago I similarly tested out the Nokia Lumia 920 (which I still believe is the most beautiful phone in the market) but couldn’t commit to due to the lack of availability of apps. And then finally several of my fellow techie friends have tested Android out; only to retreat back to the comfort of the iPhone in a few weeks.

Final Thoughts

The local pricing of the unit has been revealed to be AED 2599, as reported by TechView.me. And while I might not be queuing up to get this phone, if my iPhone were to stop functioning, I’d seriously consider switching to Android.

Available soon on Tejuri.com

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  1. And if u don’t focus on technology how come as soon as u arrived at the launch a phone was given to u ????

    1. Hi Tech Freak – I used the phone at the event just like the guests – I wish I had one to take home! And it’s up to the PR firms who to handout demo units to. Thanks for visiting.