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DD Creams are Here

I’ve recently tried out a few BB creams (really loving Kiehl’s and Philosophy) and was just thinking of replacing the usual tinted moisturizer with them. However the beauty industry is moving at breakneck speed with counters full of CC and even DD creams! I’m guessing you’re looking for clarification as well so here’s a summary to understand the difference between primer, tinted moisturizer BB, CC and DD creams.


Benefit POREfessionalA base to prep your skin before you apply your foundation/concealer but after you apply moisturizer. Most primers give a velvetey base but there are ones that can be used as a color corrector to cover redness.

Tinted Moisturizer

C2In the ideal case, this is your favorite moisturizer with a hint of color to give you a “soft focus” finish. Unfortunately, most tinted moisturizers are lacking on the moisture so if you find a shade you like, you might want to layer on layer of regular moisturizer to start with.

  • Usage – A smidgen of color
  • Dollz Pick – Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

CC Cream

cc-cream-chanelCC cream stands for “color-correcting” and while alphabetically you may think BB cream would have less coverage than CC cream, this is a correcting instead of covering formula. CC creams use light-reflecting particles to give a glow to your complexion but unlike primer or tinted moisturizer, it has ingredients that contribute to your skincare. In certain cases, this will replace the need for a primer.

  • Usage – Color correcting
  • Dollz Pick – Untested

BB Cream

Kiehl's BB CreamLast year’s breakout makeup product, BB cream stands for “blemish balm” cream and is a popular beauty item in the Far East that combines skincare with beauty. This lies somewhere between tinted moisturizer and foundation in terms of coverage. Apart from coverage, they include skin-perfecting properties like anti-aging and acne treatment. Certain BB creams also claim to include the benefits of a primer as well. I prefer using a BB cream on a daily basis and concealer in spot areas that need further coverage.

  • Usage – Sheer coundation
  • Dollz Pick – Kiehl’s BB Cream

DD Cream

julep-dd-cremeThe newest product on the market and is being spearheaded by Julep. The formula is touted to be a concentrated BB cream which works extra hard to cover and reverse signs of aging, including age spots and wrinkles. Perhaps recommended for those with mature skin who don’t want the full coverage of foundation.

  • Usage – Moderate coverage for mature skin
  • Dollz Pick – Untested


Clinique-Even-Better-Makeup-FoundationThe must-have in any makeup toolkit, foundation has evolved significantly in recent years. Before, foundations came in one texture that often caused a cakey finish if not applied in the correct way. Newer foundations come in a variety of textures (for sheer finish, try Benefit’s Hello Flawless) and can even improve skin tone (try Chanel or Clinique). The key to foundation is the proper application and while this may take time, practice makes perfect!

  • Usage – Sheer to full coverage depending on formula
  • Dollz Pick – Clinique Even Better or Chanel Perfection Lumiere

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