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How To: Buy Nars Products in Dubai

UPDATE! NARS is now available in Dubai – exclusively at Sephora. More details here!

nars-logoNARS is one of my favorite makeup brands but unfortunately it isn’t available locally at beauty stores in Dubai. And while you can purchase it on trips to the US/UK, there are certain times you just can’t wait (as I can see from the search results bringing you to the website)! So here’s a few ways you can buy NARS products without ever leaving Dubai:



Amazon has a full-fledged NARS store where you can find almost all the permanent range of products and is my preferred way to stock up on favorites. Do your research on reviews and swatches using Google and then use Amazon to shop your items. You can easily use a local credit card but I suggest using a Shop and Ship account for the delivery Dubai.


While I’ve always loved Asos for shopping, I only recently discovered their beauty section and the fact it had NARS makeup. From what I’ve seen, their collection is comprehensive and they even have limited edition items available. Best of all, they have free international shipping and accept local credit cards as well. I’ll be testing this out soon!

Sephora Online

Sephora is probably the best place to buy NARS products since they get the exclusive collections and there are very useful reviews. However, to purchase from Sephora, you will need a US credit card and a US mailing address. You can do so with a Shop and Ship account and a USunlocked virtual credit card.

And if you need some help getting started, here are my top 4 NARS favorites.

Illuminator in Orgasm – a gorgeous coral, gold liquid highlighter for a sun-kissed look
nars-orgasm-illuminatorBlush in Angelika – a blue-toned pink blush with gold flecks that works great on warm skintones as well
nars-angelika-blushLipstick in Schiap – a matte lipstick in a shocking pink
nars-schiap-lipstickVelvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl – the perfect red lipstick with a long-wearing formula

Images from: Sephora.com

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  1. I know they sell NARS in Doha, Qatar. Why not in the UAE? Souq.com has some, but I want to test some of the products before buying.

    1. Hi Dana,
      I’m surprised to hear Nars is being sold in Doha – maybe it’ll make its way back to Dubai soon! I’d be careful from ordering from Souq.com as they may not be original Nars products. Try ordering from Asos.com instead (they have free shipping) and check around online for swatches before you order.

  2. I’ve recently placed orders from Sephora.com, both got cancelled, i use visa card to purchase & a shop & ship address, ive asked them they told me its because the address is associated to multiple persons? have you ordered from them before using shop & ship? do you have any idea what might be my problem?i would really appreciate the help!

  3. Thanks for all info shared! Also NARS is available on the ELLE shop online.Team ELLE beauty are big fans of NARS. Search for “theukedit”