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News: Chez Sushi Official Opening


Confession before I start this post – I’m a faux sushi-holic.  Until 2009, I avoided sushi like the plague, until a friend introduced me to veggie rolls! Soon I was addicted to them as a quick lunch option in university.  Then one very busy day, I didn’t have time to wait for the custom veggie roll to be made and took a “risk” with a California roll. And slowly I began experimenting with more types of sushi and then sashimi.

Since I’m currently in Ekta A.A. mode, sashimi and sushi has become an important part of my diet. Unfortunately in Dubai, there aren’t many good options for “casual sushi” (though Zuma is an absolutely delightful indulgence). That’s why I was excited to spot the billboards for “Chez Sushi by Sho Cho“.


Chez Sushi is located in the brand new complex across from Safa Park in Jumeirah. It comes from the same owners of the renowned Sho Cho and my favorite bar Loca, both located in Dubai Marine Beach Resort.  On February 4th, thanks to Amy and Serene of Purple PR, I visited Chez Sushi for the official opening.


The immediate vibe reminded me of sushi cafés in the United States, where you can find funky spots like this on any street in NYC and LA.  Seating comprised of regular tables and a bar for the quick solo diner. The order counter had a variety of sashimis, dressings and sides. One of Chez Sushi’s USPs is the ability to make your own roll with your choice of ingredients, so that even the pickiest eater can create something to their liking.


While I still need to head back for a proper review based on the menu soon, at the opening whatever I ate, I enjoyed completely. This included the Rock Shrimp with a wasabi mayonnaise and the Mango tango sushi rolls which I deem a must have.

Chez-Sushi-Dubai-Review-5 Chez-Sushi-Dubai-Review-6

Chez Sushi also has one of my favorite desserts on the menu – Mochi Ice Cream! These consist of ice cream (green tea, lychee) wrapped in a chewy roll made of Japanese rice flour.  I’ve had these in a few places in Dubai but they all failed miserably compared to Chez Sushi. If you visit this restaurant, you absolutely MUST give these a try. And yes I managed to scarf these down too quickly to grab a picture! And for my fellow chocoholics, I even spotted the legendary Japanese Green Tea Kit Kats available for sale at the checkout counter.

Mochi-ice-cream Green-tea-kit-kat

So the next time you’re craving sushi, give Chez Sushi a try. I know I’ll be back very soon! And I really hope they open up a second branch in Dubai Marina. You can visit learn more about Chez Sushi by following them on Facebook or Twitter.

Update: Chez Sushi is now open in Dubai Marina! They are located in Silverene Tower (near Tribe Fit, Carrefour)  right next to the water.

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