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Tried & Tested: Elevation Burger

Elevation-Burger-Dubai-6As mentioned before, I’m currently living in the era as Ekta A.A. and thereby have changed my diet significantly. While I generally do pretty well, on my cheat days I tend to crave one thing often – a nice juicy burger!

So when the folks at Elevation Burger invited me for the official opening, I made an exception and decided to head over for a weekday “cheat” to sample out their fare.

Elevation Burger’s claim-to-fame is being an organic burger chain that serves 100% USDA-certified organic, 100% grass-fed, 100% free range beef burgers. Unlike most burger joints, their french fries are made from fresh potatoes – not frozen – and are cooked in olive oil – as witnessed by my eyes!


This American chain has other branches across the region in Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and KSA, and now the first Dubai branch opened on January 15th at Latifa Towers (next to Crowne Plaza) on Sheikh Zayed Road.

A couple of things sets Elevation Burger apart from others. Firstly, the open kitchen allowed me to watch how all the food was being prepared. Fries were being freshly made in Bertolli olive oil, while each burger was grilled to order.  This means the food will take a little longer to reach your table, but it definitely tastes fresher than your average fast food place. The burger patties was fresh and chewy, rather than dry and over done.


I also loved all the customization options. You could choose from one, two or multiple patties, a variety of different toppings and serving styles. So if you’re avoiding carbs, you can get your burger wrapped in lettuce.  This reminded me a lot of In-N-Out – what I and many others consider to have the best burgers in the world. If you’re familiar with the “Animal Style” dressing, I like EB’s “Messy” toppings option, and the lettuce wrap is what you could order at In-N-Out as a “Protein” burger.


Finally, unlike most burger joints, Elevation Burger is vegetarian friendly! You can order a grilled cheese and I heard fellow diners raving about the veggie burger. If that isn’t enough, there are cheese and other toppings for your fries and a large selection of shakes and malts.


There are many burger joints popping up all over Dubai but Elevation Burger has made a great start. I’ll definitely be back when my next craving hits and will be filling up my loyalty card very soon! You can learn more about Elevation Burger on Facebook and Twitter.


P.S. Wondering how I managed to take these gorgeous photographs? These are thanks to the brilliant camera on the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows 8 phone!

Disclaimer: This review contains a product/service that was provided for consideration by the brand or its PR firm.

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