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Next Big Thing? Beauty in Threes

If you’re a frequent reader of the blog, you’ll know that Benefit and Urban Decay are two of my favorite brands. Both brands have released new products recently: Benefit Fine One One and Urban Decay Naked Flushed. And both seemed quite similar to each other. Check out why:

Both are essentially formulated as cheek products. They each feature a dark pink blush, a light pink highlighter  and an orange-based contour/bronzing shade. However, they have slightly different approaches.

Benefit Fine One One is packaged in a stick and meant to be used all together for a quick and easy cheek. Urban Decay Flushed is an all-in-one palette which reduces the need to buy three separate products.

It seems like beauty brands understand that women have very limited time and are trying to cut the clutter from our morning routines. Hence the popularity of BB and CC creams in the past year. Perhaps we should be expecting a few more multitasking products to be released. After all, if we are expected to be multitaskers at home and the office, why should our beauty routines lag behind?

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