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2012 Beauty Awards: Best in Hair & Body

I hope you’ve been enjoying this series so far. This segment focuses on my favorites for hair and body. I will start this with a disclaimer that I believe products in this segment are very personal things – what works for one person may not work for another. So do share if you agree/disagree with these choices.

Shampoo & Conditioner

WINNER: Kérastase Nutritive – I was introduced to the Kérastase range by the brand itself thanks to a bloggers feature. In the past 2 years, I’ve tried other shampoos and conditioners but this remains the favorite I return to. If you still aren’t convinced about the benefits of salon products, it’s worth starting with Kérastase.

  • Honorable Mention: Davines – If you prefer a natural/organic formula, Davines is a great option. I like to alternate between two formulas so this currently is taking up bathroom shelf space. Read the full review here.

Dry Shampoo

WINNER: Tresemme Dry Shampoo – I picked this up in a travel size when I realized I’d forgotten my trusty Boots formula at home. This is a great formula that cleans the hair and doesn’t leave a powdery residue.

  • Honorable Mention: Boots Dry Shampoo – A favorite of mine for many years, this one is infamous for running out of stock. Inexpensive and does the job well. Plus, it’s easily available in Dubai.

Other Hair Products

Kiehl’s Argan Oil – A few drops of this miracle oil ads shine to the hair. For those of you with curly hair, it helps make your hair more manageable. I also use a few drops of this prior to flat ironing my hair as a heat protectant.

L’Oreal Elnett Hair Spray – The industry’s gold standard for hairspray is my favorite too. A long-lasting formula that smells great and brushes out in a cinch is a must-have for every hair tool kit.

Lush R&B – This hair moisturizer is made of delicious and nourishing ingredients like avocado, olive oil and oatmeal. Feels like butter and makes your hair feel like that too. Another must-have for curly-haired girls.

Body Wash

WINNER: Molton Brown Black Pepper – Molton Brown isn’t an extremely well-known brand but is one of my favorites, especially for their body washes. It is my default store to visit whenever I’m shopping for gifts. Black Pepper is technically a scent for men, but I absolutely love it. Every shower will seem like a spa treatment with this body wash.

  • Honorable Mention: Philiosophy Vanilla Cake – I was a little late to the Philosophy game but Neelofer introduced me to their body wash range via a birthday gift. These come in a variety of delicious scents and double as a clarifying shampoo. I’ve gone ahead with a repurchase and am currently going through a bottle of Coconut Frosting. Just remember not to eat it!

Body Scrub

WINNER: Body Shop Cocoa Butter Scrub – While scrubs are easy to make at home, I’ve used Body Shop scrubs for many years now. If your skin needs extra TLC, the Lemon version is a good one to start with but I’m currently partial to Cocoa Butter. And one tub lasts me for well over a year so definitely worth the splurge.

Hand Cream

WINNER: L’Occitaine Shea Butter Hand Cream – If there is one thing you’ll always find in my purse/nightstand/desk is multiple tubes of hand cream. I hate dry hands and am always moisturizing. B&BW was favorite for many years but my recent trial with L’Occitaine has put it in first place. The formula is amazing and I’m obsessed with the Mango scent.

  • Honorable Mention: Bath & Body Works Shea Hand Cream – My old favorite – this one is slightly thicker than L’Occitaine. Curly haired girls, this can work as a backup hair styling cream to smooth away flyaways. My favorite scents are Japanese Cherry Blossom and Midnight Pomegranate.

Body Moisturizer

None – Surprising but I have to confess, none of the body moisturizers I’ve tested out does the trick for me. The formulas are either to greasy or too light to even bother applying. I occasionally use some Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter but my default moisturizer these days is good old Johnson’s Baby Oil, which I apply in the shower. Give me your recommendations for this category and I’ll start testing!


Perfume is a very personal choice but there are three perfumes that are currently rotating on my dresser. Miss Dior Cherie is my “day” perfume, while Idole D’Armani is what I prefer in the evenings. And for special occasions/traveling, I like Elie Saab and it’s simplistic bottle.

This post, along with the previous segments covers most of the major categories. Only one more wrap-up post with a few bonus favorites, where I also share what I’ve learned in 2012.

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