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Cyber Monday – Wamli

Buying a gift can always be difficult. If you know someone well, there is more pressure to pick that “perfect” gift. I’m a notoriously difficult person to buy gifts for but if there is one thing I appreciate are gifts with a bit of thought or sense of humor.  And now there is a new Dubai-based shopping sitethat can help you find that perfect gift – Wamli.com.

The site launched on the memorable date of 12.12.12 and calls itself a “shopper’s paradise, with a little ‘geek’ thrown in”.  I spent a few hours and found a few things that would make excellent gifts (especially for me!).

Like & Dislike Stamps “The Cowboy” Stachifier Mustache Pacifier
Mr P. One Man Try Tape Dispenser Match Lamp Wood

Apart from the products, I love the “personality” Wamli has. There’s a very social aspect to the site where you can collect XP points and coins that open you up to special experiences on the site.  They’ve also allowed their customers to directly contribute feedback and help vote on the upcoming features to be added to the website.

So go on, checkout Wamli.com and don’t forget to say hello to them on Facebook and Twitter – you might be talking to our perky friend @silv3rglee 🙂

Disclaimer: this post contains referral links to Wamli – if you prefer, you can use a non-referral link by clicking the following: Wamli.com.

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