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Every Woman Must…

In spirit of Twitter hashtags, here is my advice on what Every Woman Must have/own/do. So without further adieu, here are my 10 commandments with special “Dollz Tips” too!

10. #EveryWomanMust have an instantly sexifiying red lipstick in her purse at all times.
Dollz Tip: Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey for that understated red lip that works for all skin tones.

9. #EveryWomanMust master the art of the flirty hair toss.
Dollz Tip: GHD flat irons are a godsend combined with a few drops of Kiehl’s Argan Oil.

8. #EveryWomanMust know how to seductively bat her eyelashes.
Dollz Tip: Enhance with DiorShow mascara and get a bit of luxury too.

7. #EveryWomanMust own those sky-high stilettos that enhance that bootie.

6. #EveryWomanMust discover that magical outfit that works perfectly for every dinner/date/event.
Dollz Tip: If you are bored of the LBD, try dark jeans, sequined top and a well-cut blazer.

5. #EveryWomanMust find that glamorous evening gown for life’s few but memorable red-carpet moments.

4. #EveryWomanMust work hard and buy herself a sparkling diamond to announce her independence.

3. #EveryWomanMust have her best girl friend on speed dial for immediate fashion/relationship advice.
Shout out to my besties in different corners of the world: JYR, AH, and CG <3

2. #EveryWomanMust also have that male best friend on speed dial when the female drama gets to much.
Not sure what I’d do without CR’s weekly rants <3

1. #EveryWomanMust be happy in her own skin because confidence is a woman’s best accessory.
Feel free to tweet me @dollz87 with what you think #EveryWomanMust have/own/do!

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