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Review: ghd Flat Iron

Inspiration for a blog post can strike anytime – this one came to me today at work when my (male) colleague complimented my hair and asked me what I had done differently. I quickly replied back, “nothing much, just straightened it in the morning.”

And then I realized what a long way I have come – thanks to the ghd flat iron. Now forgive me as I launch into a slightly long backstory of how I discovered this fabulous product, but feel free to skip ahead directly to the review. I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to share my favorite beauty tool!

Believe it or not, but back in high school, this tomboy didn’t even understand the concept of blow drying or ironing and relied on salons for any special occasions.  In college, I watched with amazement as the girls in my house were masters with their hair appliances. And without the low-cost hairdresser options like Dubai, I decided to make myself learn.

The first few times were horrid – either my curly hair would frizz into a bigger mess or it would barely last the evening. I thought that more serum/spray would solve the problem but instead would end up with a greasy mess.

I eventually found somewhat of a balance with the Conair hair iron. While it helped me control my curly fro, it took at least 45 minutes to straighten and the damage was obvious to tresses after a few months.

By this time I had ended up in England for a research fellowship and was complaining how the frequent summer showers were making it hard to enjoy the countryside with semi-decent hair. My colleague then asked the magic question, “Don’t you have a ghd?”

Immediately I started doing research, as any good scientist/shopaholic would, and found out it was a cult favorite among British women. I decided to wait until I was back in the United States and ordered a dual-voltage “Classic Styler“. And there it was, love at first sight, or in hair lingo, straight at first use!

The ghd comes with no temperature settings – you just plug it in and switch it on. About a minute later, there’s a beep and it is ready to use. Simply divide hair into sections and guide through your hair. For my curly, longish hair, it only takes me about 20 minutes to go from Medusa to Mona Lisa.

Even without the use of spray, my hair maintains its straightness for a few days with no problem even in the worst of Dubai’s humidity. Best of all, my hair doesn’t look dry or burnt, but the ceramic plates bring out a shine to my tresses. As a bonus, the rounded barrel of the 1″ styler allows you to use it as a curler – however this is an art I have yet to master.

The classic ghd can cost about USD 185 and that may seem like a steep price to pay with many low cost options around. I’ve had my ghd for almost 5 years now and it still looks and runs like it is new. And considering how many visits to the salon it has saved me, I consider this a reasonable investment. No wonder local stores like Bloomingdales have inflated the prices to be upwards of a thousand dirhams. The ghd is definitely worth it! 

What: ghd Classic 1″/IV styler
Why: The best hair iron money can buy
Where: Sephora stores in Dubai or Amazon
How much: USD 185 on Sephora.com or AED 900+ at Bloomingdales Dubai Mall
Pros: Makes straightening hair at home a cinch
Cons: No heat adjustment
Rating:  5 stars + HG status

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