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5 TV Shows To Watch This Summer

Summer is here which means either you are enjoying an extended break, quieter times at work or it’s just too hot to leave the house. With the all regularly scheduled programming on break, here are 5 shows worth checking out to keep you entertained this summer.

Suits, last summer’s breakout TV show, is back with Season 2 and the chemistry between Gabriel Mecht and Patrick J. Adams is as good as ever. If you are a fan of David E. Kelley’s legal dramas, you’ll probably enjoy this one. The writing is dynamic and there is just the right mix of drama and comedy along with superior acting of the lead actors.




Season 2 of Episodes brings back British and American humour into one entertaining sitcom, starring FRIENDS star Matt LeBlanc, who plays himself. It follows a British husband-wife writing team’s move to Los Angeles as they try to reproduce their hit show under the pressure of Hollywood’s methods. Mix in eccentric producers, sexual indecencies and British sarcasm, each episode is enjoyable. It’s also great to have LeBlanc back on screen after several years.




Falling Skies is another show kicking off season 2 this summer and comes from our favorite genre of a post-apocalyptic world due to an alien invasion. Ex-ER star, Noah Wyle, headlines the cast. Highly recommended if you enjoy The Walking Dead but I like this even more since the aliens are creepier than zombies.





If you are into American politics, Veep is a delightful new show to watch headlined by Seinfeld alum, Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Filmed in a documentary-esque format, this satire looks at the going-ons of Vice-President’s office. Dreyfus’ character has shades of Hillary Clinton and but she brings her own special spark to the role. So far, we haven’t seen who plays POTUS, but the ensemble cast is more than enough to keep us entertained.




Drop Dead Diva is the longest running of the shows in this list as it kicks off season 4. It follows the story of Deb, a fashion-model, who dies and comes back to life in the body of Jane, a plus-sized model. This comedy-drama reminds me of Ally McBeal – just the right dose of laughs and cries led by a strong female protagonist. There are also many guest appearances by a host of stars most notably Paula Abdul.

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