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Cyber Monday – My Fitness Pal

The term Cyber Monday was coined to mark the Monday after Black Friday that companies used to encourage people to shop online.  Our Cyber Monday column here will highlight spectacular online finds, blogs we love or just our general love for all things digital.

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Cyber Monday – Issue 7 – My Fitness Pal

The summer is season is officially on! Apart from the hot weather which means more skirts and shorts, summer is officially wedding season meaning a lot more pressure to look and be in shape.

I’m heading off this summer for bridesmaid duty and realized I needed to get as fit as possible in the days I have left pre-holiday. Enter My Fitness Pal!

I first started using My Fitness Pal as an iPhone app a few years back. And since then, whenever I need extra motivation to lose weight, I log back in.

My Fitness Pal is essentially a calorie counter. I like it much better than alternatives since its food database has almost everything you could possibly eat (including homemade Indian food)! Furthermore, it also calculates calories burned via exercising.

The app also has a social feature where you can see and encourage your other friends who are trying to be fit as well. Perhaps my favorite feature is that apart from being an iOS/Android/Blackberry/Windows app, you can log in directly to the website. This makes it easier to make sure you fill in your diary each day!

In case you are looking for some extra motivation or just a digital fitness/food diary, My Fitness Pal is worth checking out!

Download the My Fitness app from the iTunes store now or log in directly on the website.

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