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Cyber Monday – Evian Live Young Snap & Dine

Cyber Monday – Issue 6 – Evian Live Young Snap & Dine

So how many times have you used an iPhone app only to be rewarded with a 3-course dinner at a signature restaurant of a 3 Michelin starred chef? Well that is precisely what I got to do this weekend thanks to the Evian Live You Snap & Dine app.

The app is quite simple – all you need to do is snap a picture of the Evian logo (the geek in me loves how it automatically locks onto a logo) and you’ll be instantly find out if you’ve won a dinner at an exclusive restuarant – in this case a dinner at STAY.

STAY stands for “Simple Table Alléno Yannick” and is contemporary French dinner-only restaurant tucked away at the One&Only on the Palm Jumeirah. I was expecting a busy, over-formal interior but was pleasantly surprised by the spacious and tastefully decorated interiors.

We settled down quickly and were warmly greeted by the restaurant manager, Sami. Since my date is a fellow foodie with an adventurous palate (@baderataya), we ordered each item on the 3-course set menu and braced ourselves for a unique culinary experience.

Kicking off with the amuse-bouche to cleanse the palate, our first course consisted of the duck foie gras (date) and the soya bean ‘risotto’ (me) matched with a French Chardonnay. Now I normally can’t stand foie gras but the soft melon jelly topping on crispy brioche made this a delight, and the risotto was unlike anything I’ve ever had before.

For the main course I opted for the safer John Dory fillet while the date went for the veal tenderloin. The citrusy, avocado fish melted on my tongue but I guiltily admit the veal was the clear winner in this course. Nevertheless, the highlight had to be the Spy Valley Pinot Noir from New Zealand – if only I could bottle this into a perfume!

Before our final course, we decided to head outside for a break. The staff were nice enough to bring our desserts outside so we could enjoy the serene view. I was giddy with excitement since dessert is always my favorite course and STAY is famous for its pastry bar. I of course went with the chocolate while my date went with the strawberry tart. And while the tart was delicious, it was blown away by the tonka bean ice-cream filled chocolate shells my date very aptly renamed a “deconstructed oreo”.

As the evening came to an end, I couldn’t help but being a little saddened. After all, it’s not every weekend that I get to enjoy a phenomenal meal in a beautiful setting. While Evian may be celebrating their “Live Young” campaign, they might want to rename it “Live Fabulously!”

If you want to get a chance to enjoy a similar experience, download the Evian Snap & Dine iPhone app from the iTunes store now for free or for your Android/Blackberry smartphones from here.

P.S. Did you know each bottle of Evian is “vintage”? Every drop of Evian takes 15 years to reach your glass from the top of the French alps.

P.P.S. Wondering why Evian campaigns are centered around babies? Check out the hit Evian viral video from 2009 featuring “Roller Babies”

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  1. I saw the pictures and couldn’t resist heading for a visit. We had dinner there this weekend and it was absolutely amazing! So romantic <3 – thanks for the tip Dollz!