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Do in Dubai: Asado Wine Club

I’m a woman of many vices. Food, perfumes, makeup, clothes and the spirits too! Thus when @chiragnd of Naihar Food Blog invited me to check out Asado’s Wine Club, I couldn’t say yes fast enough!

Asado is the Argentinean Grill at The Palace Hotel in Old Town and I have to admit is one of my favorite restaurants to visit in Downtown Dubai.

I first visited Asado a couple of years back for a company dinner and this ended up being the first time I had every tried a steak. Ever since then, I’ve developed a taste for medium-well steaks and a glass of red wine, preferably a Malbec.

As part of the session, we got to sample Asado’s Wine Club. As part of the wine club, you get to sample a four-course wine sammpling with accompaniments of cheese, fruit and bread along the way. Asado’s expert sommelier, Sarah Belanger, had selected a great selection for us.

1st Course
Champagne – Michel Torino
2nd Course
Chardonnay – Alamos
3rd Course
Malbec – Ique
4th Course
Desert Wine – Montes

What I loved the most about the wine club is I sampled wines I would normally never pick myself. I normally avoid champagnes and dessert wines but when paired with the right accompaniments, they grew on me.

I highly recommend an evening at the Wine Club if you are looking to do something a little different from the usual dinner/drinks or you are looking to learn more about wine. A note to the wise, have a light snack before you head over to keep you going through the four-courses of wine tasting.

Asado Restaurant is located in The Palace Hotel in Old Town Downtown Dubai. You can sample the Asado wine club at AED 220 per person. For more information/reservations, please call: + 971 4 428 7971 or email asado@thepalace-dubai.com.

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  1. Ooh nice to see wine clubs popping up in Dubai – I think we’ll be heading there for a girls night soon.

  2. Took my in-laws there when they were visiting

    Great wine selection but the cheese accompaniments that were well loved

    Wish there were 2nds!