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Tuesday Tip – Lash Moisturizer

This is our weekly section, Tuesday Tip. No matter where you work, Tuesdays tend to be the dullest day of the week. So to combat the general “meh”-ness, we bring to you a quick tip to perk up your day!

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Tuesday Tip – Issue 21 – Lash Moisturizer

Dry skin – moisturize. Dry hair – condition. Dry air – humidifier.

Thanks to the extreme climate and constant air conditioning, those of us living in the Middle East have to continuously battle dry skin, hair and more. Even your eyelashes aren’t spared!

Thanks to the daily use of mascara and eye-makeup remover, I noticed my lashes were getting more brittle day by day. First I thought that it was caused by mascara but then someone clued me into a tip – using Vaseline to moisturize!

Vaseline, a.k.a. petroleum jelly, makes a great lash moisturizer. After you finish your nightly cleansing ritual, just slather on a bit of Vaseline on your lashes. Not only will they start looking great, but you’ll find your mascara will perform much better. Don’t wait too long after cleansing though because you want your lashes to be damp for the Vaseline to lock the moisture in.

The only thing to be wary of is that Vaseline also makes a great makeup remover. So before you apply your eye makeup the next morning, thoroughly clean up with your favorite cleanser!


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