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Review: Amazon Kindle

If there was a Gadget-ohlics Anonymous I’d be their first member. Every since my dad brought home a monochrome Toshiba laptop in the early 90s, I’ve been hooked. So when I declare the Kindle a must-buy, it really is a big deal.

On a daily basis I use a MacBook Pro at home with an HP Pavilion as a back-up; I’ll always have my iPhone 4S and Blackberry Torch with me and I’ll usually catch up on TV shows on the iPad in the evenings. So amidst all this technology, how does the Kindle differentiate itself? Answer: simplicity.

The Kindle is designed to do one thing – make reading more convenient – and it does this amazingly well. I’ve had my Kindle for just about a month and in this time I’ve read 6 books. In the past year, unless on vacation, I average around one book a month. Admittedly I’m a bookworm, but with multiple distractions and a busy lifestyle, it’s been harder to take out time to read these days. With the Kindle, it’s easy to start reading – whether it is right before going to bed or while waiting for an appointment to begin.

I love the flexibility the Kindle offers me. One hour I can be reading Grisham’s latest thriller and the next I can be reading the story behind Zappos. All this packaged in a single device smaller than my planner with a battery life that easily lasts a week! I lent my Kindle out for 4 days and in order to fill the void, I was reading The Hunger Games using the Kindle App on my iPhone.

While the Kindle Fire was a tempting choice, I settled on the more basic Kindle Touch 3G. The e-ink display means I can easily read outdoors, especially at the pool. And even though I don’t use the browser much, I like the idea of being able to download a book on whim upon my mood and I’m sure it will be especially useful while traveling.

In case you are already convinced, the best way to order a Kindle to the Middle East is via Amazon direct and using Shop and Ship for delivery.

Admittedly, this is the 2nd Kindle I’ve purchased – the first being given as a Christmas gift to my ex-boss. I somehow thought that an iPad was sufficient with the Kindle app and that nothing could beat the feeling of having a physical book but the Kindle has definitely changed my views and reading habits. Order one tonight – I promise you won’t regret it!

What: Kindle Touch 3G
Why: The best e-reader in the market
Where: Amazon.com
How much: USD 149
Pros: A million books on your finger tips
Cons: No backlight; easily scratched
Rating:  5 stars

P.S. As a result of the Kindle’s entry into my life, I’ve created a new social experience: #SheeshaBookClub – tweet me to find out more!

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