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Review: Clarisonic Plus

Update: Clarisonic is now available in Dubai!

Considering my average week consists of me overworking myself, not sleeping enough, testing out several different cosmetics and the usual overindulgences in food/drink/sheesha, I’m surprised my complexion isn’t a complete disaster. Apart from ensuring I drink a lot of water, I think my saving grace is properly cleansing my face each morning and evening. And I don’t just cleanse, but brush too with the Clarisonic!

A cult favorite of beauty bloggers across the United States is the Clarisonic Face Brush. Similar to an electric toothbrush, this facial brush gently exfoliates your skin at a fixed setting. While walnut scrubs give you the clean feeling, dermatologists agree that granules can cause more harm than help if used on a daily basis. The Clarisonic’s sonic vibrations ensure that no excessive force is being used.

If you are a regular foundation user, the Clarisonic is a MUST buy. No matter what combination of makeup removers I use, there is always a trace of makeup left behind. With the Clarisonic, every ounce of makeup is gone – this is especially a godsend during wedding season.

The advantage of perfectly clean skin is that any serums/moisturizers applied are easily absorbed in. I also find I need a lot less cleanser since it foams up easily due to the vibrating brush.

The Clarisonic works on a built-in battery that you can charge using the provided cradle. Each charge gives you about 2 weeks of use and thus travel-friendly. To use, all you need to do is dampen the brush, apply a drop of your favorite facial wash (avoid anything with exfoliating beads) and simply brush your face. There are even beeps every 15/30 second intervals signaling you to move to a different section of your face. The brush is fully waterproof which means you can use it in the shower. And don’t worry, you can buy replacement brush heads at USD 25 each.

I’ve been using my Clarisonic for almost 2 years now and I definitely can’t remember life before it. While the recommended use is twice a day, I find that once a day works best for me. My only complaint with this product is its lack of availability in the Middle East; however you can order the US version that is compatibile with Middle East outlets via Amazon. And in case you want a cheaper alternative, try out the Clarisonic Mia – the perfect gift for my girlies!

What: Clarisonic Plus System
Why: Everyday at-home facial
Where: Sephora (US only) or Amazon
How much: USD 225
Pros: Deep cleaning without harsh abrasives
Cons: Expensive
Rating:  4.5 stars

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  1. hi doll
    i want to buy some stuff from amazon.com and this is my first shopping can u guide me how i can buy. i tried alot but when i reached in shipping section they didnt show dubai for shipping delivery means i cant do shopping. can u tell me is it possible to buy by amazon in the dubai.thank you

    1. Hi Ayesha,

      Thanks for your comment. It can be difficult so I’ll give you a brief overview of what’s the best way to order from Amazon:
      1. Get an Aramex Shop&Ship Account. This will give you a virtual address in the United States that you can order to. If you’re shopping via Amazon, generally you can avail free shipping within the US if your order is above USD 25. Once your shipment reaches the US address, Aramex will ship the goods from the US to Dubai. You will pay Aramex a shipping charge based on the shipment weight. Be careful to check if the items you are ordering, are not prohibited by Aramex. They will not ship items containing liquids.
      2. Ship internationally directly via Amazon. Not all items are eligible to be shipped internationally, but this is more reliable as they are coming in directly via Amazon.

      Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

    1. Hi Krystle,
      The Clarisonic is currently exclusive to Sephora outlets in Dubai. You can visit the ones in Dubai Mall or Marina Mall to get yours!

  2. thank you for your review,other than its price there seems to be no real big issue…i have blackheads here and there,acne scars and mild acne..its too pricey with all the added cost..is there a way i can get clarisonic mia 1 rather than the latest in uae