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Do in Dubai: Balance Wellness 360

A few weeks back, I was up bright and early on a Saturday morning. For a change it wasn’t for work, but a blogger event.  We work hard to get you the latest news and happenings in Dubai!

At 10 am, I arrived on the 3rd floor of Oasis Center in the reception of Balance Wellbeing 360 for a special bloggerati morning (alongside @nagham and @bhavishya).

As you can tell from the title, Balance takes a hollistic approach to health by providing expert advice on exercise, diet, fitness, massage, and meditation.  They do this in a number of ways including Ayurveda, Yoga, Pilates, Nutrition and Fitness.

We started the morning off with a primer in Ayurveda and the  importance of the five elements. We then kicked off a mini-yoga session where we all realized that we had been breathing in the wrong manner our whole life. Don’t believe me? Take a yoga class there for yourself.

After the yoga class, we got a tour of the facilities. Now you may think that being located in a mall, how posh could the facilities be? I was blown away by all the facilities, including the themed private consultation rooms and the fact that all ingredients used during treatments are organic. The best news was the pricing – 5-star hotel amenities with high-street pricing. We approve! They have great detoxification and weight loss packages with one-on-one consultations with the experts.

We ended up at the Balance Cafe, where one of the in-house chefs gave us a cooking demonstration with a Green Papaya Salad with Steamed Fish. Balance Cafe runs a cooking school throughout the month with chefs from some of Dubai’s best restaurants popping in to share their tips.   Since we were eating lunch at a health-friendly restaurant, I expected a bland and boring offering.  Fortunately, Balance Cafe knows the importance of spices and flavors and lunch was not only guilt-free, but delicious as well.

Balance Wellness 360 is a refreshing concept and another great brand from the Landmark Group umbrella. Take a yoga class, get a Moroccan massage and end with a nutritious meal. In this day and age, where everyone leads a hectic life, I definitely recommend a visit to try and add some balance to your life.

And even though I couldn’t have you all attend with me, check out some of Dr. Chandy’s tips for all you here.

Balance Wellness 360 is located on the 3rd floor of Oasis Center on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai. For more information, call 04-3847010 or visit their website. Visit them on Facebook to stay posted on special promotions and events.

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