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Tried & Tested: Traiteur Friday Brunch

Friday brunch has to be one of my favorite aspects of living in Dubai. I mean where else in the world is it perfectly acceptable to dedicate a day every week to stuff yourself with delicious food and drink yourself silly?

Thankfully my wallet, waistline and general common sense means I don’t indulge in this weekly but when I do, I can’t help but indulge at one of the best brunch spots. Sometime back I discovered Traiteur’s Friday brunch, which rightfully took its place in my list of favorites.

Traiteur is located at the Park Hyatt in Dubai Creek and Golf and Yacht Club (home to another new favorite – QDs). With a menu of French cuisine with an emphasis on seafood and steaks, the ambience and location elevate the venue to another level.  The outside patio sits right next to the yacht dock so make sure to call ahead and book a terrace table.

You first settle down at your table with your choice of beverages. For those staying away from the alcoholic drinks, there is a good selection of fresh juices. You can warm your palate by starting with the seafood counter containing a unending selection of sushi, sashimi, mussels and oysters. Don’t forget to sample the bread basket – but don’t fill up!

The actual mains area is tucked away in the main restaurant. While it may seem small, there is a great selection of foods. In the front were steaks (their pepper sauce was amazing!), lobster with butter, and much more. I’m one of those annoying people who likes my beef well-done and the chefs were happy to give it a second round on the grill. My only complaint was how crowded it was; however, if you take your time, you can slowly sample the entire display. If you have space, there is a generous selection of appetizers in the back including some cold soups to cleanse your pallate.

Perhaps my favorite part was the end – the cheese display and the dessert room! Yes, an entire room dedicated to desserts. You’ll probably be overstuffed from the mains but the crepe station is a must-try.

If you need a venue to impress the girlfriend or celebrate a special occassion, Traiteur is the perfect choice. As for me, I’m trying to find an excuse to make another visit very soon!

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What: Traiteur Friday Brunch
Why: An upscale brunch experience with great food
Where: Park Hyatt Deira, Tel: 04 317 2222
How much:
AED 395 per person with unlimited food and non-alcoholic beverages;
AED 495 per person with unlimited food, beer and wine;
AED 595 per person with unlimited food, beer, wine and Veuve Clicquot champagne
Pros: Great selection of meats and seafood; dessert venue
Cons: Limited vegetarian options, crowded buffet layout
Rating: 5 stars

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  1. Tried it out on your recommendation – the wife loved it! Will be going back again once the weather cools down.

    1. I think it depends on what ambience you’re looking for and the weather. Traiteur is perfect for a date and in this weather, the terrace is absolutely lovely. Yes they have a lot of lobster and seafood, but they also do some gorgeous cuts of beef and pork. I’d say Traiteur is an “edited” brunch while Al Qasr is a full service one which is probably best if you have a large group of people.