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Tuesday Tip – Sandals & Socks

This is our weekly section, Tuesday Tip. No matter where you work, Tuesdays tend to be the dullest day of the week. So to combat the general “meh”-ness, we bring to you a quick tip to perk up your day!

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Tuesday Tip – Issue 19 – Sandals & Socks

I have a torrid love-hate relationship with heels. I can’t resist 3-inches of perfection but complain endlessly about the pain they cause my feet. That being said, I am never going to be able to give up my heels.

One of the worst things about heels is how painful they can be in the first few wears. To minimize the initial pain, I always break in my heels by wearing them with socks around the house – just don’t commit this ultimate faux pas in public! If they are especially tight, put on 2 pairs of socks on each foot and wear the heels around for a few hours. They should be more or less broken in within a day.

If you waited the last-minute, pantyhose is a life saver and make even the most painful heels somewhat bearable.

Anyone have any secret tricks to survive scary stilettos?

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