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Cyber Monday – Jawhara

The term Cyber Monday was coined to mark the Monday after Black Friday that companies used to encourage people to shop online.  Our Cyber Monday column here will highlight spectacular online finds, blogs we love or just our general love for all things digital.

If you have a recommendation for Cyber Monday, let us know!


Cyber Monday – Issue 4 – Jawhara

A few weeks back the lovely folks Asda’a invited me to the launch of the region’s newest site for women, Jawhara.me.

Jawhara is a bilingual, multi-content portal focused on women. With the succes of blogs and brands looking to target women, it isn’t suprising to see sites like Jawhara popping up in the Middle East. Jawhara covers a range of topics including fashion, beauty, food and much more.

It’s also good to see more quality Arabic content being available in this region. All the best to Jawhara and don’t forget to checkout their Mother’s Day contest to win some goodies.

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