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Visit to Kaya Skin Clinic – Laser Hair Removal

A couple of weeks back, the lovely folks at Kaya Skin Clinic invited me over for a trial session of their painless laser hair removal. While not one of the most glamourous blogging activities, it definitely was a great experience. Male readers might want to skip over this post as I’m sure you would like to remain oblivious to the truths of the female grooming routines.

Let’s face it, everyone has unwanted hair. We don’t discuss it but each one of us girls has a ritual we use to deal with it. Years ago I decided I never wanted to undertake the hassles of using a razor and decided to exclusively stick to waxing. While it has meant relatively smooth legs, it’s also unfortunately meant that the pain receptors on my skin get a monthly jolt.

I’ve been thinking of permanently solving the hair problem with laser removal for some time now. However, there have been some reservations which I managed to rebuke during this session:

Truth or Myth 1 – Laser hair removal is painful and burns your skin off
MYTH. Laser at Kaya was absolutely painless. The only mild discomfort is the cooling gel they put on before the procedure but you can’t even feel the laser.

Truth or Myth 2 – There will be a long recovery time plus irritation
MYTH. I had my procedure done during a lunch break and by the time I got back to the office, there was absolutely no sign that anything had been done. They also give you a post-treatment care card to keep you informed.

Truth or Myth 3 – The hair will grow back over time
MYTH. Laser hair removal targets cells during their growth phase. That’s why you need multiple sessions that can target hairs during the different phases. Post-pregnancy or any other hormonal changes, the same hairs won’t grow back but you may need a follow-up session for the new hairs.

Truth or Myth 4 – Laser hair removal is expensive
TRUTH. Unfortunately painless laser is expensive with a session costing up to 800 AED with an average woman requiring 6 sessions. However, when you count up all those waxing sessions, this can be a cost-effective decision in the long term plus a lot of time saved!

I highly recommend anyone interested in permanent hair removal to visit Kaya Skin Clinic. You’ll get a chance to speak to a doctor before the procedure and can be assured of a clean and safe environment. Visit any one of the multiple Kaya Skin Clinic branches for more information.

P.S. An additional reason I loved Kaya? During the procedure they gave me a cold compress on my eyes to protect from the laser and give them some much needed rest. I was wearing mascara and was worried about raccoon eyes. Thankfully, the treatment rooms have the trusty Bioderma makeup remover so you can clean up!

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  1. Was it IPL? I don’t even have much hair, but I’ve gotten six sessions of that done and my dermatologist keeps upping the number of sessions required #annoying

  2. I am undergoing the same treatment for my back and shoulder…completed one session n next one is due after 15aug…waiting to get rid of all hairs frm my back…hope all goes well…it all cost around 50000rs for 6sessions…..

    1. Hi Raj,

      I am also planning for hair removal from back and shoulders,can you advise if its worth it from Kaya? If you can discuss your experience,it would be a great help..

  3. Hi

    Guys i went to kaya for full body laser at pacific mall new delhi . i had questions in my mind because i was spending Rs 1 lakh moreover was concern about my skin too . there doctor NAMRITA GHAI stupid lady useless one . dont know how to deal with customers . if i had questions instead of answering me she said we dont need such customer who have too many questions in there mind and told my sister who is taking face treatment from here i am on salary and not getting extra incentive to convince customer according to manager too she said this doctor is behaving like this since morning kaya after having a good name in market must change this doctor as soon as possible she is ruining your reputation thanks .