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Tried & Tested: Sophie’s

I’ve recently been avoiding blogger events like the plague, as I couldn’t help but feel uninspired by the same old fashion events with the same old crowd.  That’s why when I was invited to review Sophie’s I was more than happy to deviate from my work-home routine. Honestly, if this blog wasn’t named Dollz in Dubai, it would easily have been named Confessions of a Foodie. And thus I was excited to finally do a restaurant review for the blog; not to mention this tied in well with my 2012 challenge to visit new restaurants.

Sophie’s is tucked away in the basement of Building 8 of the Shoreline Apartments in Palm Jumeirah. Admittedly, the parking situation isn’t very good but the experience made up for it. The walls are covered in astroturf and the wooden benches give it a great vibe that reminded me of SoCal. At the counter you are greeted by a case dedicated to mains and another dedicated to salads, along with a fresh sampling of fruits and vegetables for the juice bar.  My date decided to go for the chicken entree with an accompaniment of three salads, while I decided to do the five salad sampler and we both selected fresh juices from the display.

What I loved about Sophie’s was the fresh approach to health food. Often when you order a salad in Dubai, you are given nothing more than a bowl of wilted lettuce with tomatoes and heaps of Caesar dressing. The salads not only had fresh ingredients, but packed in taste too. Surprisingly, we were both stuffed after the meal and my normally hyperactive sweet tooth didn’t get a chance to sample the desserts.

It’s good to see the trend of deli-style restaurants promoting healthy options catching up in Dubai. If you are a fan of Lime Tree Cafe or Saladicious, I highly recommend a visit! Our favorites were the red quinoa salad and the roasted pumpkin salad!

What: Sophie’s
Why: Great selection of health food
Where: Shoreline Apartments, Building 8, Palm Jumeirah, Tel: 04 430 9466
How much: AED 120 for 2 persons
Pros: Fresh ingredients, delicious salads and make your own juice bar
Cons: Hidden location; lack of dedicated parking
Rating: 4 stars

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  1. I actually tried this place on your recommendation and loved it! Thanks for the tip dollz… 🙂