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My Experience: Bio Sculpture Gel Manicure

I love my manicures. Even in university, I made sure to schedule time for some much needed R&R with regular mani-pedi sessions.  But while professional manicures are great, I hate that the color tends to chip within a few days of the session. And sometimes in my hurry to leave the salon, I managed to ruin my nails immediately.  This is where gel manicures are a godsend.

Gel manicures have been around for some time and I finally decided to review them after my second outing with them. Unlike regular manicures where the polish is airdried, gel manicures require a UV lamp for the nails to be cured. This means you can leave the salon immediately with no risk of dents or scratches. Furthermore, gel manicures can last upto 2-3 weeks with no chips.

Gel manicures take more time than regular manicures since the gel needs to be carefully painted on along with 1 minute drying breaks between each coat. Both my gel manicures looked perfect but the final finish is dependent on the skill of the technician.

My manicure lasted for 3 weeks with minor pulling/bubbling on the edges. However, by week 3 I was extremely bored of the color. As perfect as they were, I was happy to trade in the red for another color.

The removal process wasn’t my favorite. First the technician buffed off the top, glossy coat. Then she applied the remover-soaked cotton on the nails and covered them with aluminum foil for 10 minutes. After that, she used an orange stick to remove the remaining polish. I decided to leave my nails bare to see what damage was inflicted. While my nails still seemed healthy, the top layer had been scraped off.

I like gel manicures. But will they replace my ever expanding collection of polishes? No. I think gel manicures are perfect for travelling for hassle-free nails but I definitely can’t commit to one color for 3 weeks at a time.

What: Bio Sculpture Gel Manicure
Why: Chip-free manicure for 3 weeks
Where: All major nail salons, highly recommend The Nail Spa
How much: AED 150 + AED 70 for removal
Pros: Long-lasting, perfect nails for 3 weeks
Cons: More expensive, difficult to remove, limited colors
Rating: 4 stars

Nails after 3 weeks - no chips!
Nails after 3 weeks - no chips!

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  1. I am a Bio Sculpture Nail Technician, I was glad to read that you enjoyed your Bio Sculpture experience, but just wanted to add that it doesn’t have limited colours, there are so many colours to choose from and gels can be mixed so can be customised, there are so many different ways to wear Bio Sculpture, with glitters, nail art etc. It may have been that your Nail Technician only had a small collection of colours to choose from. Also If you do get bored, you can paint over the Gel with Nail Polish for a change, and once removed with Non Acetone Nail Polish remover, your Gels are perfect underneath. I hope you come back to the greatest Gel product that I have ever used!!!