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Cyber Monday – Gilt

The term Cyber Monday was coined to mark the Monday after Black Friday that companies used to encourage people to shop online.  Our Cyber Monday column here will highlight spectacular online finds, blogs we love or just our general love for all things digital.

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Cyber Monday – Issue 4 – Gilt

Saying I love online shopping is an understatement; it’s more like I have an online shopping addiction. After spending 4 years in the US, I became used to buying everything online and it is one thing that still frustrates me about the UAE. While there are a lot of e-commerce businesses popping up in the Middle East, the caliber isn’t the same as the US, which is why I was absolutely ecstatic when Gilt Groupe started offering international shipping!

I tested out Gilt for the first time back in November when they offered a free international shipping promo. In conjunction with Bobbi Brown’s 20th anniversary celebrations, I purchased the Party Shimmer Brick and the 20th Anniversary Lip Palette. Within 2 weeks, I had my order in Dubai!

I loved that my order was well-packed and delivered quickly. The BB Shimmer Bricks tend to be delicate but Gilt’s liberal use of foam and bubble wrap ensured that everything arrived in perfect condition.

Since then, I can’t help but check Gilt out everyday. For some reason, their emails don’t reach my inbox but I still make sure I log in every night to check what is on sale. I recently ordered some skincare products from cult line, Mario Badescu (can’t WAIT to tell you about these fabulous products!)

International shipping is just USD 19.99 per order and with some unique products plus stellar customer service thanks to the Twitter team (@GiltGroupe and @GiltSupport), I really recommend you pay a visit to Gilt!

Disclaimer: this post contains referral links to Gilt – if you prefer, you can use a non-referral link by clicking the following: Gilt.com.

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