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Christmas Shopping at Boticca

Remember Boticca.com? Yes that fabulous jewelry and accessories site where I got my Poupee Couture. I’ve been trawling Boticca to get all my Christmas gifts together and they’ve now made our lives easier thanks to their themed Christmas Guides. Not only do they have 6 categories for the girls, but they also have 4 categories for the guys too.

While browsing around, I fell in love with all the pieces in the She Who Has Everything section. All the items here are exactly what I expect Boticca to offer: unique items that add to your wardrobe. I would gladly welcome the following pieces as gifts this year!

And since I’m partial towards geeky guys, the Chic Geek section is perfect for gift giving to the men in my life.

So make sure you check out the Boticca Christmas Guide. They even make online window shopping look gorgeous thanks to the amazing illustrations by fashion blogger Nancy Zhang from Sea of Fertility.

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