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Cyber Monday – Voila Dubai

The term Cyber Monday was coined to mark the Monday after Black Friday that companies used to encourage people to shop online.  Our Cyber Monday column here will highlight spectacular online finds, blogs we love or just our general love for all things digital.

If you have a recommendation for Cyber Monday, let us know!


Cyber Monday – Issue 2 – Voila Dubai

If I’m not working on shopping, I’m usually planning which new restaurant I want to visit. Living in Dubai means we are spoilt for choice and can, theoretically, visit a new restaurant every weekend and never have to repeat.  And to help discover these new places, I use VoilaDubai.ae.

Having lived in the US, whenever we couldn’t decide on which restaurant to go for dinner, we would use Yelp.com. It even helped me discover some hidden wonders during my last visit to New York.  And I always wished there was a local variant of it here, which is exactly what I describe Voila Dubai as.

Voila Dubai is essentially a review aggregator for all your favorite places: restaurants, bars, stores, services and much more.  The best thing is that anyone can write a review, thus giving you an unbiased, accurate opinion about these places. Business can came claim ownership of their pages and improve their service by monitoring customer feedback.

I’ve been a member of Voila Dubai for almost 6 months and written quite a few reviews. It feels great to share that new great takeout place or bakery with a larger audience.  I’ve listed a few of my favorites below and hopefully you too will start contributing to this helpful community portal. Go ahead, sign up on Voila Dubai today!

Kaleidoscope – Amazing breakfast buffet at Atlantis hotel

Saladicious – Delicious and healthy deli

Galleries Lafayette – Fabulous catering service

Almaz by Momo – Gorgeous Moroccan shisha lounge

Al Safadi Restaurant – Dubai’s best shawarmas

SugarBox – Heavenly truffles

The Jetty – Ultra romantic lounge

The Pavilion – Great casual spot for blogging

Sarvana Bhojan Shaala – South Indian vegetarian fix in the Marina

Bagels and More – NY-style bagels now in Dubai

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