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How much makeup do you wear?

For the past few months, I’ve considerably cut down on how much makeup I wear. Mostly because it saves time in the morning and I don’t need to go through a rigorous cleansing ritual at the end of the night.

Recently, a study by Procter & Gamble, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and others did a comparison study on women wearing no makeup or one of three different cosmetic looks — natural, professional or glamorous.

Studies showed that upon a quick glance, the faces with makeup were perceived to be more attractive. However, when examining the photos for longer periods, the glamorous makeup wearers were thought to be less trustworthy. [ABC News]

So what do you think? Does the amount of makeup a person wears affect your perception of them? What is the appropriate amount of makeup to wear?

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  1. I think the natural/fresh make up looks best! And usually is also minimalistic – I think 😛

    Yes, quite honestly, a person’s make up / amount of make-up does affect how I perceive them :-P. For me, someone who has too much on is probably high-maintenance, may be too self-involved? and not someone I would count on.

    Ofc not one to go by my judgment of a book from its cover 😛 – I try to at least read the summary 🙂