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Freida Pinto Bleached by L’Oreal?

L’Oréal Paris just introduced its newest limited edition makeup collection “Colors Take Flight” based on the hit TV series, Project Runway.  The campaign features a number of L’Oréal Paris’ ambassadors but special attention has been given to Freida Pinto’s adverts.

Controversy has erupted over L’Oréal Paris’ excessive use of photoshop to lighten Freida’s skin tone by several shades.  The ad is especially controversial since it comes soon after Julia Roberts’ Lancôme ad was banned in the UK due to over-photoshopping her wrinkles.

A side-by-side comparison does make it seem like Freida is looking unnaturally fair in this campaign. It’s also interesting to note that her colorful green, pink and purple eyeshadow look wouldn’t have popped on a darker skintone.

So what do you think? Should L’Oréal be vilified for the excessive photoshopping or is it just a mountain out of a molehill? Discuss!

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